Annual horse racing event in Kaolinovo municipality

As part of its social program, “Ruzhitsa” Wind Park supported the annual horse races held on 26 May 2024 in Pristoe village, Kaolinovo municipality. The event attracted great interest from the public, and the participants fought for prizes in six exciting races.

As part of the races, the “Ruzhitsa Green Power” prize was awarded to the winner of the competition for horses over 3 years of age, held over a distance of 1300 meters. Radostin Ivanov with his horse Atash took the first place, demonstrating remarkable horsemanship and speed.

In addition to the horse races, visitors enjoyed a rich program of accompanying activities, including traditional wrestling.

“Ruzhitsa” Wind Park is committed to supporting local communities and strives to contribute to the development of the region through various social initiatives.