Children’s day celebration in Kaolinovo municipality

Over a hundred children gathered in the Kalinovo Community Center for Children’s Day. The celebration, organized by the Municipality with the support of “Ruzhitsa” Wind Park, gave the little ones an unforgettable day filled with songs, dances, laughter and fun.

The celebration was opened by the mayor of Kaolinovo, who welcomed the children and their parents and wished them unforgettable moments.

The program included performances by 15 kindergartens. The little talents performed songs, poems and danced with great enthusiasm, engaging the audience with positive energy and smiles. At the end of the event, the children received gifts, provided by “Ruzhitsa” Wind Park, including books, pencils, and sweet surprises.

The celebration in Kalinovo was a true holiday, filled with emotions and fun for children and their parents.